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Steam Community Status
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Server Reconstuction

baker_king12 a posted Jan 17, 14
Ok guys i threw in the towel last week were going to remake the server from scratch. We will make one of our old backups avalible for use intell were done making the new server. If you have any ideas please put them in the "shout box" now is the time to let us know what you would like from our new server. include things like themes and plugins any way thats it 

Minecraft 1.7 Update!

brb8910 a posted Nov 8, 13  -  RepairsUpdate
Hey Council Of the Cube!
So with the new update brings some exciting new things. We will be updating our server very soon, hopefully this weekend. So with this update, we will be somewhat "reseting our map. We will have a brand new map, but we will copy and paste towns from the old world over to the new world under the town owners request. Also, we will be allowing players to go back into the world and get their stuff and bring it into the new world. With this, we will be able to use all of the biomes efficiently and make the server more fun! Now with the old map, we will be putting it offline 6 months after our new map has been online. After this period, we might put it up for download if anyone is interested. It is also planned that we do some repairs with plugins and stuff during the update. Please expect the server to be offline for 48 hours max. Hope to see you on the new server and happy gaming!*

Council Member


COTC Staff

*If you are worried that we might overlook something in the update, or have a question that needs to be clarified, please message me on Skype. Skype Username: Brb8910.*
Hello Council Of the Cube!
So Minecraft just released their new update putting us servers, in a frantic to update. We are looking to update when Craftbukkit releases a STABLE jar update. If you can, please do not update minecraft. When we update, we will inform you through this website. If you need help going back to 1.6.2 please contact a council member and they will help you. New Members, please expect less players/staff on the servers because they might have problems connecting.

Any Questions, please contact me.
Skype: Brb8910



The COTC Staff